Michelle Kash Drops 3 Remixes of “Personal Jesus” Cover

To celebrate her cover of Depeche Mode’s “Personal Jesus” climbing to #34 on this week’s Billboard Dance Club Play Songs chart, singer-songwriter Michelle Kash has released three dance video remixes of the single. In between echoes of swelling synths, her voice tows the line between a coy croon and a commanding chant on “Personal Jesus,painting her as a 21st-century temptress.

Danny Verde Remix Video

Dirty Disco Remix Video

Joe Maz Remix Video:

With her smoky soulful delivery and a personal style somewhere between Debbie Harry and Old Hollywood pinup, Michelle’s music is a sultry, sensual take on alternative pop equally evocative and empowering in its confidence and charisma. Michelle, who realized the full scope of her musical talent in the middle of a meditation at a desert retreat in Utah after becoming fascinated by spirituality, released her first singles earlier this year – check out  “Smoking Gun” and  “Hurt Me”.  After being surrounded by art and creativity during her globe-trotting childhood, Michelle started performing in NYC where she was born before moving to LA. In addition to her music, Michelle has also had a lifelong commitment to philanthropy and advocating for gender equality, female empowerment and is a fierce fighter for animal rights. There’s a lot more music to come from Michelle into this year.


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