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Marc Hughes Music makes his return with powerful Gospel single “Renew”

Marc Hughes Music is a name we here at 1DF have long supported. His awesome 2016 project “I Am Marc” saw him grow into one of the most sought after singers and songwriters from the Gulf Coast with performances throughout the south and abroad. He’s now back with new music that is a bit of a shift from the aforementioned project with Marc making a return to where he started singing, Gospel music.

“My first introduction to God and to church, was through my grandmother, Ms. Lee Ruth Knight. Through her, I learned that God created me, he loved me, and he wanted the best for me. Through her and my church, Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Moss Point, I learned that I liked the choir and being a part of the choir, so I joined the choir and sang all the time. I was also assigned solos by my choir director, Ms. Niecy Pierce. One day after church at around age 9, l lost my voice. I thought I lost my voice due to doing something that did not please God. I went into my room and cried and prayed to God, while repeating the words, “Renew Me. Renew Me.”, over and over again. Then I started singing, “Renew Me. Renew Me” with a sore throat and raspy voice for 30 or more minutes straight. Suddenly, my voice just begin to come back and I just remember shedding tears of thankfulness that God had “Renewed” my voice and gave me a song. I was going through a situation recently that caused me to call back to the Lord, this reminded me of that moment as a child and prompted me to formally craft the song.”

“Renew” is simply a powerful testament to how far faith can take you. Not only is the message itself one that you can feel in your spirit, the musical composition is beautiful enough to further boost these emotions. Marc Hughes has always had a powerful voice and I’m happy to see him return to Gospel as it allows him to showcase it in a more palpable manner.

Helping Marc to create “Renew” Mississippi producer and rangeful musician Kelvin McMorris. Credit goes to him for collaborating in the musical arrangements. 5Weeks engineers the record to perfection, with Nicki Goldsmith polishing the track off with vocal arrangement assistance. Together that make a masterful record that is set to catch on and inspire many.

If you’re wondering why now was the time Marc Hughes decided to make the transition back to Gospel then the answer is simple. As he states, “I wanted to pay tribute to my grandmother and her love of Christ.” “Renew” is available on all streaming platforms so check it out now or purchase now via Amazon for less than one dollar. Show your support.

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