Heartmouth encourages love on latest single “Worth It”

A melting pot of the organic elements of folk, paired with modern elements of synth-pop and roots buried in rock, Heartmouth create a fresh new approach to the alternative/singer-songwriter genre. Today, the band releases a new, genuine single “Worth It”, a meaningful push of encouragement to express love whenever and wherever you feel it. “Worth It” is the burst of emotion that comes with overcoming fear, like riding your first bike and realizing your parent stopped holding on to it, or like asking out your crush and hearing “yes”. The single’s inspiration comes from the idea of being unable to change the wind and making the best of any situation.

“‘Worth It’ is about finally listening to that voice (whether it be the voice in the back of your head, a voice from a dream, or a voice from an actual conversation) that tells you not to waste any more time telling someone how you feel about them, because we aren’t promised tomorrow. Carpe Diem!” – Heartmouth

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