Stealing Signs drops their DIY visual for “The Coast”

“‘The Coast’ is about that situation we all find ourselves in from time-to-time – fundamentally disagreeing with someone who you have to spend time with, be it a family member, a friend of a friend, a co-worker. It muses on the things that you’d really like to say to that person, knowing that you can’t and never will.” Nick Acton, vocals, Stealing Signs

We’ve all been there. And increasingly so in these polarised times. Indeed, having to suppress what really should be said to an infuriating companion so vexed Essex quartet Stealing Signs that they found relief by expressing their frustration through song. Resulting single ‘The Coast’ serves as a highly relevant take on today’s culture of contrariness, yet, rather like keeping a sunny demeanour as a row simmers, it’s set to radiant pop melodies with a joyous chorus. As lead singer Nick Acton put it: “Wrapping the bitter lyrics in an upbeat indie-pop tune felt like a contradictory and more interesting thing to do.”

This playful approach certainly carries over to the accompanying video, shot and produced in DIY fashion by the band, as they enjoy soaking up some rays at a suspiciously immaculate seaside setting.

Written in Paris, where Stealing Signs gig regularly and penned several tracks for upcoming album Somewhere Between, ‘The Coast’ is generous with Acton’s sunny vocal hooks and has a chorus so catchy that the listener will be humming it for life. It’s all set to taut bass and burly rhythms, over which guitar lines alternate between the angular and the janglingly melodic. Inspired by the likes of Everything Everything, Local Natives and early Phoenix, Stealing Signs have here aced an infectious meld of art-pop and worldbeat and made it very much their own.

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