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First Day Feature: Chad Cox discusses his new single “Um Yeah”, how moving to L.A. has changed his life and more

One thing that’s certain in life is uncertainty. You can plan all you want, make assumptions of what will happen to those in your life and yourself, but it may not shake out that way. You must be able to adapt and conquer your situation. Coming from Moss Point, Mississippi you tend to learn this pretty quickly. Rising star Chad Cox is a prime example of being able to adapt as I’ve personally been able to watch him grow as a man and an artist.

Coming off of a strong debut project “Love & Other Drugs” which dropped in early 2018, Chad followed by performing numerous shows throughout the southeast, further bolstering his position in Mississippi’s indie scene. His mix of rap and R&B is akin to artists like Tory Lanez and Bryson Tiller, but his knack for putting his personality and life into the tunes makes Chad’s music all his own. The time since that debut effort has been a whirlwind for Chad as he has since moved to Atlanta, followed by Los Angeles.

Currently Chad Cox finds himself now positioned as an affiliate for Atlantic Records and Young Thug’s YSL imprint. He is using this newfound position to bolster his own craft as we have seen with his first new single in a while, “Um Yeah”. With new material out we sought out Chad for an interview to discuss his start, the changes in his life and what’s to come next:

Of course I’ve known you for years but for those out there who may be getting introduced to you now tell us about yourself.

Well my name is Chad Cox. I’m a recording artist/songwriter. I’m currently working with major artist such as Karlae, Lil Keed, Lil Got It, Duke, Bhad Bhabie, and Young Thug, Wheezy just to name a few. I write for multiple artist and genres across the world. I’m hoping to sign a record deal one day.

Take us back to the day you decided being an artist was truly what you wanted to do. What clicked in your mind that let you know this was your true passion?

What lead to me knowing music was my true passion was from elementary school when I joined the band, but what lead to me really knowing I wanted to become an artist was because of one young lady who heard my very first song. After that she always asked for more so I continued to record and my numbers grew from there.

Coming from Mississippi, somewhere not necessarily known as a hip-hop hotbed, how do you feel about the music scene there currently?

The music scene in Mississippi is very well alive. There are multiple artists on the coast who have unbelievable talent and it’s basically an untapped market for new hot up and coming artist.

What particular challenges have you encountered personally in your time living in the state?

I faced multiple challenges being from Mississippi and still do today, but no matter what industry you choose to be in there will be hurdles, after that it’s about who out works who.

Of course you’ve recently moved on to Atlanta and Los Angeles recently. How have each places been for you and your career?

Honestly Atlanta was a big transition for me coming from such a slow-pace place. I ended up working for 11th Street Studios where I made most of my connections landing me in L.A. working with major labels like Atlantic and YSL.

How did your affiliation with YSL come about?

I was actually working in Atlanta at the studio and been working with Karlae for a while now and other artist as well. After hearing my work she reached out to me so I could help with her upcoming album.

What have you been able to learn under that major label umbrella?

I’ve been able to make major connections, learn more on how decisions are made on the business side and what it takes to become a profession in the industry.

Your new single and visual just dropped “Um Yeah”. Talk to me a bit about how it all came together.

Um Yeah was a song I teamed with Priority to create. He is a major producer who was just on Lil Baby’s album and Polo G’s album. After building a relation in Atlanta we teamed up and got our first record out together with many more to come. Combining my southern upbringing with my uptempo R&B/Rap style I was about to come up with one of my favorite songs right now!

Are you preparing to drop a project soon or was this a one-off single? If so than what details can you share about the upcoming music?

This is just one of the singles off of the upcoming sophomore project called “WhoIsChadCox”. I don’t want to give away many details but one thing I will include is the cover art will be done by QinMob.

How do you feel what you’ve been through recently will impact the music you put out yourself?

What I’ve been through personally within this last year will be totally infused in this upcoming tape. I write all of my music and it’s from my life experiences so every time you hear a body of work of mine just know it’s like reading a diary about my life.

Switching lanes a little we are in the midst of an unprecedented pandemic. How have you coped with it all thus far?

To be honest it’s scary with all the people losing their lives and getting sick. It’s definitely taken a toll on the industry, but who hasn’t it really taken a toll on? All I know is that I want to make sure my friends and family are protected and taking the precautions we have been given.

Has it slowed down your productivity at all?

Being honest it’s actually helped me get more things done since there are limited things to do and worry about. But for the last year I have been writing so to all the other artist you should just give up at this point.

Beyond what we have already discussed, what should fans be on the lookout for from you in the future?

Be on the lookout with me working with a lot of new artist that’s on the come up!

If you could give any advice to yourself 5 years ago knowing what you know now what would that be?

I’ll tell myself to relax and understand that it’s a process. GOD already has your life made out you just have to live it.

Any last words before we conclude!

I want to thank you for actually giving independent artists like me a platform to market myself. I thank you 🙏.

Keep up with Chad Cox by following him on all platforms at @WhoIsChadCox and his website WhoIsChadCox.com.

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