Taiyamo Denku & Bo Faat release their new album “Kollab King”

It has already been a busy year for the Milwaukee, Wisconsin native emcee Taiyamo Denku. Earlier this year he dropped an album with German-based producer Bo Faat called “The Darker Side of Light”. Now he and Bo Faat team up again to release a collaborated effort they call Kollab Kong. Over the years Denku has earned the title “Collab King” but later he changed that title to “Kollab Kong”. This album shows why he uses that title to describe himself. Collaborations on the Kollab Kong album include Busta Rhymes, Jim Jones, Benny the Butcher, CONWAY, Skyzoo, Kool G Rap, and Nature of the Firm – just to name a few. Denku and Bo Faat show that they are here to stay in hip hop for the long haul. The duo, who have been creating hip hop music for 25-30 years, bring you right back to the golden age with this release. Great production on Bo faat’s part and lyrics that will make you rewind tracks. DJ cuts handled on this project by DJ Brisk Fingaz give it that “little extra”. This release is dropped on the European label HHV Records on vinyl and digital platforms.

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