Meta comes from Texas with his new single “On Edge”

Texas based hip-hop artist Meta is back with a hard hitting deep new single “On Edge,” out now with Americano Label.

Meta comments, “On edge was inspired by Tupac, the hard trap beat allowed me to really experiment with my flow as well as create something that would allow people to Turn up and let loose at my live shows.”

Meta exploded onto the scene with his debut album Metatation in late 2019. Critical accolades followed the release with The Hype Magazine commenting, “By combining Dusty’s cutting-edge musical stylings with and Meta’s melodic flow and direction, the blend of flavors range from Latin Cumbia elements to catchy Reggae riffs while still delivering a Lo-Fi Hip-Hop feel throughout.” Now Meta is back with a series of new releases that are tracking his ever evolving sound. By stepping out of his comfort zone and trusting his lyrical chops, he has found his voice on the recently released EP Piñata. Reflecting back Meta comments, “For the first time in my life I feel like I’m in a great place to really become who I’m meant to be. I’ve acknowledged my experiences good and bad and it left me hungry to experience more. Piñata forced me to trust my sound and really create music that I love.”

The new single is out today and available everywhere you stream music. Meta has been working on a full length album due out later this year.

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