Chloé Caroline releases her debut album “Everywhere I Go”

2020 started with a roar for SoCal’s Chloé Caroline after the release of several successful singles throughout 2019 and a major move from Nashville to her home in Los Angeles. Stellar performances followed at The Sundance Film Festival’s BMI “Snowball”, The Analog, Hotel Café, and the iconic Bluebird Cafe in January, propelling her career forward with multiple industry endorsements. Her singles received substantial airplay on all streaming platforms and terrestrial radio across the globe and her music videos added to BBC, Radio Disney, CMT, Nickelodeon, and other high profile video channels.

Like so many other artists Chloe’s career came to screeching halt with the onslaught of COVID19, but instead of stopping she has persevered going into a creative whirlwind. The result is two finished full-length albums, the first, Everywhere I Go to be released June 5th, 2020 with a series of short form visual content for social media. For Chloé the title track reflects her reverence for the classic songs and artists of the 70’s she been so influenced by. “Jamie Houston (Producer) and I made a conscious decision to lean in on the old school production styles which ended up ironically making it sound really fresh against the current wave of pop…the lyrics and sound are intentionally reflective and nostalgic…the listener looking back on a fading love”.

A prolific songwriter, Chloé co-wrote the lead single Everywhere I Go on a rainy afternoon with #1 hit songwriter Larry McCoy (Thomas Rhett “Make Me Wanna). “I brought in the concept of writing a Bee Gee’s/Earth Wind and Fire influenced song and Larry whipped out these crazy jazz chords which I flipped over as they are not typically used in Nashville…like me he thinks way outside the box”.

Larry McCoy reiterates this musical kismet stating, “ The day we wrote “Everywhere I Go” I knew it was something special. The groove and melody were so different and Chloé sings her tail off…you will know what I’m talking about when you hear this song…it is amazing!

The process of writing and recording the Everywhere I Go album began as Chloé Caroline’s first Pledge Music campaign in 2018. Chloe’s fans generously donated, but Pledge went bankrupt and pocketed a large chunk of the money leaving her to self-fund the project and merchandise.

While this album features 5 previously released singles it also contains 9 new original songs including a fan remix of her ever popular single Gypsy Daughter. With “live” music on the back burner for the remainder of 2020 Chloé will focus on live streaming several upcoming shows with Live X Live and BMI Music to take her music and songs directly to her fans.

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