Los Angeles’ 7EVEN DAZE brings haunting new single “Down”

Up and coming Los Angeles R&B artist 7EVEN DAZE sings of sacrifice, self-worth and toxic relationships in her haunting debut single ‘Down’.

Creatively influenced by artists like Daniel Caesar, Frank Ocean and Beyoncé, 7EVEN DAZE’s music belongs to an experimental new wave of R&B that isn’t afraid to be different. With sultry vocals and a stripped-down sincerity that hits listeners at their core, the artist’s unapologetically vulnerable lyrics explore what it means to put yourself first and walk away from a toxic relationship:

“This song is personal to me. It’s really about overcoming heartbreak and gaining the strength to walk away from a toxic relationship. I took multiple losses and sacrificed so much for someone who wasn’t willing to sacrifice for me. I lost myself in the process, but gained so much in the end.”

7EVEN DAZE is currently working with producers Jason Smith, Gil Smith, and Larry Cox on her upcoming album ‘Sanity’.

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