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Album: Nyukyung – “Trap Harmonix”

Screen Shot 2020-06-26 at 9.21.01 PM
NyuKyung’s drops his official debut album, Trap Harmonix.

Since partnering up with Vancouver’s super producer Lomax, NyuKyung has completely revamped his style and image, introducing us to his signature sound, dubbed as “harmonic trap.”

“Trap Harmonix” allows the listener to get a deeper look into NyuKyung’s life and his troubled past which is evident in songs like “Sealed it,” and “Away From Me,” versus his  fun and light hearted side on songs like, “Big” and “Fade Away,” which display his confidence and boastful personality.

Every song on the album was produced in house and mixed by Lomax.

Stream, Trap Harmonix, below and across all other major streaming platforms.

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