Houston’s Sally Sossa releases new single “Who You Are”

“Who You Are” showcases Sally’s lyricism and vulnerability as she speaks on life’s uncertainties. Over a melodic beat she shares her deep personal struggles and how she battles them, while continuing to push for her dreams. “I wanted to reassure young minds who tend to overwhelm themselves throughout their journey, it’s ok not to have everything figured out,” Sally explains. “Everyone has a purpose in life and as long as you work hard to accomplish your goals and fulfill your dreams anything is possible.” The single gives a glimpse into what Sally has been working on in 2020 and what she has coming in the future.

Born and raised in Houston, TX Sally Sossa went from college basketball prospect to buzzing rapper. At 17 years old, she began building a local fan base after releasing a series of mixtapes on soundcloud highlighting her numerous flows and impressive wordplay. She has already garnered co-signs from major artists and producers including French Montana and Lil Durk. She’s currently in the studio working on new music and honing her craft. Expect more from her soon! 

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