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Csaucy Shares New Video, “Froze” And Talks More New Music On The Way

Screen Shot 2020-07-27 at 9.59.06 AM
What is your name and what city do you rep?
“My Name Csaucy I rep north Preston.”

Tell us about your latest releases, what inspired you to create them?
“I just released my music video called froze I was inspired to release that video to really show people where I’m from what it looks like largest all back community in Canada a lot of people don’t even know where it is I want to put on and show them.”

What is unique about you and your music?
“I think what’s unique about me and my music is the story behind it all.”

What shaped your music?
“My big brother really supporting and pushing to grind.”

When did you realize you were going to make music professionally?
“I still don’t consider where I’m at right now professionally yet, but I started taking things serious about a year ago.”

What type of music do you listen to?
“A lot, Polo G, Lil Durk and Lil Poppa and Lil Baby.”

What inspires you to write music?
“My story, just getting to speak my mind on the beat.”

What do you do when you don’t do music (creative or otherwise) and that you are passionate about?
“I use to love to play ball and other then that it’s jus spending time with my family.”

What do you wish you were told when you first started making music that you think would help artists just starting out? 
“Work on building your own fan base don’t be too worried about doing features.”

Tell us about your upcoming projects…

“I’m working on an album right now called, Millionaire Dreams Federal Nightmares.”

Any last words for the readers?
Follow me on Instagram @csaucytto

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