Millie Wong and Rayne Storm combine forces on “Groovy”

There comes a time when you come across an artist you know has the future waiting for him. Millie Wong is that artist. Dropping off his infectious new single “Groovy”, Millie Wong proves he has what it takes to make an undeniable hit. The song is as braggadocios as it is smooth. The groove is easy to get into and the lyrics make it hard for you not to bounce wherever you are. Rayne Storm contributes to the wave finishing off the third verse with style. “Groovy” is slowly turning up on the radio waves and traps nationwide. Don’t be late to catch this one.

Millie Wong is a rapper and model from Brooklyn, NY best known for his single “Groovy” which is rapidly gaining notoriety across the internet. The song reached #1 on RecordBreakazRadio and has been featured on each of its initial broadcasts. Millie is currently preparing the release of a ton of new singles with the indie artist conglomerate, Monopolyhouse.

Check out “Groovy”, now available on all major streaming platforms.

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