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First Day Feature: Yung Jewelz discusses her “M.V.P.” LP, life in 2020 and more

One thing about the journey to reach your goals is that you don’t always see your progress in real time. We can often times downplay our own accomplishments, wondering why we aren’t in a position our peers appear to be in. Some times you have to sit back and analyze what you’ve done in a non-objective manner.

One artist who seems to be well aware of their progress is Yung Jewelz. A longtime favorite here at 1DF, Jewelz has seen a lot change for her since the release of her heralded EP “Earth Day“. That project saw her name spread like wildfire on the heels of one of the more infectious tracks to come from Mississippi the past few years, “Higher“.

Her debut full length LP released in April by the name of “M.V.P.”. It offered newfound confidence from Yung Jewelz. She always had a swagger about her but with this release she really embodies this both in her approach musically and with what she says lyrically. The soundscape is much more diverse, the punchlines a little more scathing than in the past. Simply put with one listen you can tell Jewelz knows who she is and where she is headed.

On the heels of the project’s release we sat down with the Jackson, Mississippi product to discuss the LP’s creation and see how’s she holding up currently. Read the full Q&A below:

Well we won’t waste time with an introduction as you’re someone who has been featured often at 1DF. That being said how have you been since the last time we spoke?

I’ve been maintaining man, staying sharp and out the way. Focusing on myself and building my brand.

You’re fresh off the release of your latest project “M.V.P.”. Talk to us about the mindset going into creating this album?

I knew going into it that i wanted to create something special. Something bigger than Earth Day as far as song range and length wise. I wanted to be a lot more transparent with this project because I had time to sit and reflect and actually do the process how I wanted to.

To you what does being an MVP truly mean? Of course we all know the sports definition but what would you consider to be the factors that make you an M.V.P.?

Well from the album standpoint M.V.P means Moods , Vices , & Problems, basically everything I discuss throughout the album. From another perspective though MVP to me means the one who’s been consistently going hard, balling all season with no major L’s. Confidence is Key, if you don’t believe you’re the Most Valuable in the game then what you playing for?

Kobe Bryant is someone you obviously take inspiration from. How has his tragic passing affected you personally?

It hit different , it’s hard losing an idol. I’ve never switched up , Kobe to me was the MVP no matter what even in retirement. I felt like Bean was the greatest and he motivated me to strive for nothing but the best , surpass everything and everybody. Mamba Mentality.

What would you consider to be the overall vibe on “M.V.P.” musically?

It’s a groove. I feel like no matter what vibe the song has it’s all a groove, some groovy Hipster shit. It’s a simple wave check.

For me as a listener it seems as though you had way more confidence as an artist. The way you spoke, the things you said….you just didn’t seem like a “lil homie”.Would you say that you truly feel like one of the elite artists in our region?

Yes of course , when you put in the work and maintain consistency it’s hard not to come out of the “Lil Homie” stage.

When was the moment you started to feel like you were in the upper echelon?

I’m not really sure , it kinda just happened. Like I had a switch inside that flipped into another mode. It was more so I guess just me telling myself like “okay you’re here in this place now , show out”.

What is your favoripte song from the project and why?

Wishez , it’s raw. Probably the realist shit on the album. It was just me and my truth on the track , nothing more nothing less. It also has my cousin on the end which is probably the most important thing to me on the entire album. It plays into the song after it “Save Me” where I talk about how his death took a toll on me mentally.

What’s the most interesting story you can share about the creation of M.V.P.?

Honestly to me it’s the whole process in creating the album because this was my first time having a structure of some sort. I say that because with Earth Day I just creating music from the vibes, but with the MVP it was I have this direction I wanna go in and off top Dolla was like we need at least 20 tracks. ED was 8 songs , so it wasn’t much of a process but with the album I was putting in work.

Switching gears, how have you been surviving and staying in a good mindset in a year as crazy as 2020?

Just staying close to my loved ones , still making the best outta life. I’m still working music wise so that’s the best part. I can’t perform so it sucks but I’m still doing features and creating content.

What do you have coming up that people should be on the lookout for?

More content from the album , might be videos , merch , extra music you just never know. Stay tuned and stay sharp because I’m still working.

Any last words before we conclude?

Much love as always. Thank you for the support. For those who don’t already follow me tap in and get to know the Hipster. All my social media is @thepaidhipster & you can find me on all streaming platforms , Yung Jewelz. 

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