Darling Boy salutes Rock greats on “Air Conditioned Gypsy”

Borrowing its title from a lyric in The Who classic ‘Going Mobile’, ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’ has all the vim and vigour of that Who’s Next cut, while archly weaving-in Smiths-y interloping guitars and an Oasis-like bravado. The creation and homage of a true music aficionado, Darling BOY proudly wears his influences on his sleeve here and fashions them into something fresh, exciting and entirely his own.

Written over a weekend while staying in Dublin, ‘Air Conditioned Gypsy’ is a celebration of being carefree, living on your wits and approaching life with a willingness to find hope in times of adversity. “We’ll steal a future… now I’ve found you, I’ll never see a day without you” Gold sings, his crystalline vocal etching optimistic words over intricately layered arrangements.

With history full of musical mavericks who have dared to break the mould to create some of their most enduring work, Darling BOY outlines some of the rock greats who came to inspire this latest song:

“Musically there’s a nod and a wink to the Smiths and Oasis” says Gold, “before it morphs into something (in my head at least) approaching latter-day Arctic Monkeys, back-to-his-original-accent Paul Weller and Give Out But Don’t Give Up-era Primal Scream. The freewheeling vocal near the climax of the song is a small homage to Pink Floyd’s Great Gig In The Sky and is sung by one of the members of a very famous girl band – also one of the authors of that band’s biggest hit. But I’m sworn not to tell you who it is. ;-)”

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