Omgimjoe takes us to New York in “Finbar” video

New York native Omgimjoe’s musical range stretches from smooth R&B and high energy trap to anthemic pop melodies. Joining forces with producer Skyrenzo, the pair release the visuals for “Finbar” – the opening track on their debut album The Myth of Fitting In.

Featuring a pounding bass line from close collaborator Aaron Rizzo, the new visual follows Omgimjoe around New York, his flawless rap flow mixing with rich, psychedelic guitar melodies to create a euphoric soundscape.

“This song is about the clarity you gain from a new romance, after cleansing yourself of a previously toxic relationship,” Omgimjoe explains.

Joe began recording music with his producer Skyrenzo while attending SUNY ESF and lending a hand in the genesis of some of Syracuse’s underground venues such as the ARK ARTS, the Treehouse and Big Red. Having played to crowds of over 1000, Omgimjoe is ready to take his music to the next level in 2020, creating on his own terms with an independent team of musicians and producers.

Omgimjoe pulls threads from his rich array of influences to create a wholly unique sound, and “Finbar” is an impressive indication of this creative endeavour.

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