Portland Artist Swiggle Mandela (@swiggleman) Releases “Dear PPD” ft Jasey Cordeta, Cool Nutz, Micah Fletcher and Anael Jeanis

Swiggle Mandela one of Portland’s most prominent Hip Hop artists today, teams up with his brother Jasey Cordeta a skilled lyricist, the legendary veteran Cool Nutz, Anael Jeanis, and Portland’s activist and Hero Micah Fletcher for a Portland Protest anthem “Dear Portland Police”.
Swiggle Mandela, Anael Jeanis, and Jasey Cordeta had mentored Micah Fletcher as a youth. Swiggle Mandela and Micah Fletcher had grown closer as adults helping giving artists opportunities as well as mentoring youth. They all always spoke on injustice and discrimination and solutions to those issues in their music, teaming up to create a great piece of art was inevitable. Bringing Cool Nutz onto to the project to talk about his perspective on the Police brutality was something Swiggle and Jasey agreed upon. With all five artists on the song having big platforms with great influence, the song is guaranteed to spread around the world, for sure reach the masses of Portland.

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