MC Bravado joins forces with Joell Ortiz to pay homage with “Like Kobe”

“Like Kobe” is the anthemic album single from MC Bravado’s upcoming magnum opus: “The Living Game”. Like many, he’s a lifelong fan of numbers 8 & 24, and he crafted this record after being inspired by the Mamba Mentality.

Bravado was fortunate enough to spend time as an ambassador for Kobe Bryant’s Granity Studios, delivering books from the late Laker legend’s The Wizenard Series to Baltimore city schools in support of reluctant readers. With Kobe’s mantra front and center, MC B penned the foundation of the Height Keech produced record prior to seeking one of New York’s finest, Joell Ortiz (another big Kobe fan), to provide the finishing touches. Seeing as “Like Kobe” was completed when The Black Mamba was still alive, MC B and Joell decided to delay its release after January’s unspeakable tragedy, ultimately opting to approach its rollout delicately and with the utmost respect.

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