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Indie Duo AFTYN Release LP “Minutia”

NEW JERSEY, USA | AUGUST 21st, 2020 – Indie duo AFTYN have released their new LP “Minutia,” available on all digital platforms NOW. Followed by their latest single release “Sunday,” the album is beautifully personal to member Guinnevere Philipp, whose personal experiences over the last year inspired the lyrical content of “Minutia”. Playing a heaving hand into the album’s production, AFTYN have created a soothing and serene body of work, filled with sonic elements ranging from the 70’s to modern indie. About the LP, the duo states:
“Minutia” is the culmination of a year’s worth of personal experiences. The content reaches from feelings of nostalgia about friendships, letting go of past relationships, and looking forward to new beginnings in life. While many of the lyrics were inspired from personal events, they are all feelings and situations that almost everyone can relate to.”
A simplistic indie/folk duo, AFTYN are hellbent on keeping it personal. Comprised of members Guinnevere Philipp and Chris Maher, AFTYN aims to evoke an updated 70’s folk sound, blended with both classic and alternative influences. Soothing melodies and raw instrumentation are the core of the duo, who self describe themselves as ‘modern hippies’. Their approach to live shows is uniquely down to earth, keeping their setup stripped back so they can engage with the crowd. AFTYN heavily utilizes social platforms such as Instagram to showcase their artistry, regularly posting a variety of short covers from various decades and transforming them into their relaxed, folk-driven sound. The duo is preparing to release their upcoming self-produced debut LP “Minutia” later this summer, and AFTYN are ready to introduce themselves. 

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