Premiere: Chicago’s KingTrey releases his introspective single “HOW YOU FEEL”

Chicago rising talent KingTrey links with Naples, FL native Brendan Bennett for a heartfelt single “HOW YOU FEEL”. This cut sounds like a heartbreak song with a touch of hope for the future thrown in.

KingTrey opens the song with a very vulnerable verse, pouring his heart out lyrically. He raps “You broke my heart like 3 times. But the last time I threw the peace sign, ‘cuz each man got a limit. Maybe I reached mine.” Following that is a smooth melodic transition into an explosive hook where Trey sings passionately “We know how you feel”.

Bennett fits into the track perfectly building off of the hopeful tone in the transition and hook, wrapping up his verse singing “I lost you I’m sorry if you hate me. If it aint this life then the next one baby. The next one maybe.”

The song then goes back into the transition and the hook and finishes with one final pre-hook, leaving us all wanting more. I’m excited to see what else KingTrey has up his sleeve as we approach the final quarter of the year.

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