Raw.Deen brings his video for “ION KNO (LAS TYM)

Already at a well deserved 1,000K+ views on YouTube a week after its premiere, rapper Raw.Deen drops off his new music video “ION KNO (LAS TYM).” Deen is a breath of fresh air for anyone that is looking for a departure from those that are currently dominating hip-hop’s modern landscape. No chains or expensive outfits. Deen does his own thing and seeks validation from no one. His confidence oozes out of the screen as he raps his bold lyrics to his very much hype record. The video itself perfectly displays the lifestyle Deen comes from. In the visual shot by Marksvfx starts off on the stoop of a Philadelphia home which is Raw.Deen’s hometown. It is just a regular day with friends kicking it in his neighborhood. This makes it a perfect video for such a banger! Click play on the video and keep up with Raw.Deen on social media.

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