Vancouver supergroup NADUH emerges with debut single “Mawnin”

After a potent LSD trip where they met Planet Venus, NADUH (pronounced nah-duh), was sent back to earth to shatter constructs, heal ancestral trauma, and make only the dopest sounds, laced with potent messages of empowerment, embodied sexuality, and unity consciousness. With heavy influences from 90’s R&B, soul, and modern hip-hop, the self proclaimed soft/hard music they make is representitive of their queer, femme/tomboy identities, as they dance between themes of empowerment and juicy realness. The 5 piece power group is a spicier Spice Girls, the female Brock Hampton, with an astrological twist.

Their debut track, Mawnin’, is the first song the group wrote together over hot tea and discussions of astral projection and a shared love for romancing in the mornings. It sets a saucy tone for those who love a good breakfast in bed, a little coffee with head. There’s no beating around the bush on Mawnin’, getting lost in sensual production from Taraneh, and sultry vocals evoking visuals of sunlight pouring over naked bodies.

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