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BDX The Don – Needed (Official Audio)

The homie BDX the Don is an unsigned artist coming outta PG County, Maryland. He’s been rapping/taking music seriously for 3 years now. He used to just freestyle, but when everybody was telling him he had something special, so it was time he start to rap for real. BDX been putting in work since he started. Getting his music on the radio, big performances (College, Clubs, etc) plus he’s been on a TV series. Doing it all on his own too! Everything accomplished was all him. This year he just dropped his R&B joint “Needed,” & it’s dope. He always finds a way to incorporate real life in his music. I’m rocking with this joint right here. The Homie BDX got a pretty decent catalog of music. Its a few saucy joints in his catalog like “When Do You Want It”, & “Kardashians” that was in the playlist before. He be talking his talk on these tracks! More sauce on the way so you know I’m anxious to see/hear what’s next! BDX coming with that sauce & it’s only getting better. A must listen right here! Straight sauce! It’s in the “SauceFromVeli” playlist on Spotify too!!!

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