KP shares his new “Outsidedabox” EP

KP is an up and coming artist creating big waves in Asia. After only making music for a year he has accumulated over 500k streams on all platforms and is beginning to catch the eye of some bog artists and gain major traction online.

KP, who is originally from the UK but moved to China last year, has been performing at the biggest clubs around the country and selling out his dates, he even opened for XO signed duo 88Glam. He has multiple freestyles on his Instagram (@424kp) which have blown up on online bringing in tens of thousands of views, including getting noticed by the likes of UK rapper Jay1 and fashion designer Heron Preston.

Now, in September of 2020, KP has released his debut EP titled “Outsidedabox” featuring 6 brand new tracks. The most anticipated being the first song on his EP “Dixie D’Amelio” titled after the popular Tiktok content creator. Immediately after releasing the EP, the song previously mentioned was added to a Spotify curated playlist. “New Era : Asian Hip-Hop”. The playlist is composed of the best next generation artists from Asia, among KP other artists such as Rich Brian and Jay Park also have songs in this playlist.

KP is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. You can be sure to hear more of his music in the years to come. His music is on all platforms and you can find quick links to his work on in Instagram @424kp.

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