Listen To Eito’s New Project “While You Were Sleep” | @weloveeito

Pittsburg MC Eito drops off the cool new 6-track EP “While You Were Sleep,” now available on Soundcloud, Apple Music, Spotify, and more. Wasting no time from the opening track you can hear that Eito’s ear for production in top-notch. From his opening bars on “Untitled,” Eito’s DC roots are hard to hide. From his swag to his cadence Eito shows a natural star power by floating over the float and making a regular day seem extravagant. In an era of fake it til you make it Eito’s honestly and style is refreshing on “While You Were Sleeping.” A cross between lo-fi and boom bap hip hop Eito selects the perfect instrumentals to blend with his laid back yet aggressive vocals. His sophomore project, Eito shows the wisdom of an artist that been through the high and lows of labels and the success/failure music can bring. “Never apologizing that’s too much for ya pride” Eito repeats on “May The 4th” and it’s a simple statement that also says also about Eito’s stance. The stand out track “Go Crazy” finds Eito flexing over the funky and uptempo rhythms and definitely calling for an official music video to match. Overall Eito is for fans of raw lyricism and golden ear hip hop with 2020 twist. Eito reminds us of everything that made 90’s hip hop great without trying to replicate a sound or boring his audience.

Press play on “While You Were Sleeping” on be sure to tap in with Eito for future releases.


Pittsburgh-based Eito knows hip-hop is a thinking man’s sport. A student of how music travels and evolves, his work bridges the gaps between past and present, regional soundscapes and world views. 

His upbringing wasn’t easy, in and out of group homes and foster homes around the DC-area for decades, but he made up his mind early on that nothing could hold him back. He absorbed the punk, house and boombap hip hop scenes and was soon renown as a force to be reckoned with in rap battles around the city. It wasn’t long before he knew his way around the studio, creating sophisticated sonic colleges that would come to define his sound.

“These songs are going to be things that people are used to hearing in the US, ” Eito remarks. “I’m always challenging the narrative going on in the clubs and on the radio.” Having previously released his music on the indie label ‘LXXXIV”, Eito is now gearing up to drop his own sophomore EP, While You Were Sleeping, serving up a conscious blend of chilled production and evocative rhymes, intended to positively affect the modern Hip Hop zeitgeist.

“I really seek to create music that is anti-disposable and stands the test of time,” Eito remarks. He namechecks Jay Z’s unmastered 4:44 as a high watermark for rawness, but ultimately prefers listening to artist’s demo work over ‘official’ productions. Reflecting on his own process, he comments,  “I sweat the details, but I know the most important thing is to communicate emotion.”

While You Were Sleeping is due to drop July 9th

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