hip hop, video

Elzo Bandz x Mulaa x Neph – Hop Out (Shot by @RARIDIGITAL)

New sauce alert! Jersey artists Mulaa, Elzo Bnadz, & FSO Neph just linked up for that pressure! They was on straight savage time on this! It’s good to see the homie Neph back home & ready to keep his momentum going! He been dropping some crazy snippets on Instagram, since he been home! He was talking HEAVY on this!! I love how the artists letting it be known that Jersey got pressure too. This year Mulaa released his highly anticipated project “Life4Granted” which is on all digital platforms right now. Besides that, he been delivering nothing but quality sauce since he touched back down. One of Jersey’s finest going hard as ever! If you ask me, Mulaa got jersey on his back right now.

I definitely feel like Elzo underrated as a rapper but he’s getting bigger & better by the day. Neph just out here going off on everything he touch.. Definitely need more of this from artists in the culture. Mulaa, Elzo, & Neph flamed this jawn! Not everybody can make it where we from. Tune In! Straight Sauce Right Here 🌊!


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