hip hop, video


This joint fire! Ain’t even gonna lie, when I caught a snippet of this on IG a days ago, I had to write about it. A must watch right here. The Homie Ai was talking that sauce talk on this joint! This straight pressure right here. Gives off nothing but hood motivational vibes & hustle vibes. Ai is in his own lane with this one. Straight from the trenches talking HEAVY. Lowkey, He really went crazy. Listened to a few joints from him & this is a definitely a step up. His verse kinda make you feel where he came from. 🔥 I definitely feel like Ai gonna be a top tier artist soon. One of the hardest joints out right now. You know it’s hitting the playlist too when it hit all platforms. This them get money vibes right here! TheRealAi is a rising artist coming outta New York as well. This joint “Level UP” really different. This need to catch fire because he was in his bag on this joint! He sauced on this joint!

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