Slim Kee drops his highly anticipated mixtape “Dead or Alive: Living Legend”

It is time for Richmond, Virginia’s Slim Kee to take over. Coming onto the scene back in 2018, he promised us a mixtape after delivering his hits like “Okay” and “Me Too” but now, he delivers an iconic project that is well worth the wait. In Slim Kee’s debut body of work Dead or Alive: Living Legend, he takes us on a journey with music that you can really feel and relate to. When discussing the inspiration and drive behind the project he reveals, “A lot of people doubted me and I lost a lot. I lost a lot of my support system so just taking some time to myself and coming back out with this says a lot. I still got some fight left in me. Whether you’re on this ship or not, this boat is going to move. I just want people to know dead or alive I’m going to forever live.”

Born and raised in RVA, Slim Kee is known for being an artist who is experimental with his style and music. He enjoys playing with different sounds and different melodies when making his tracks. His journey with music started in middle school and hes been making a way for himself since. With a deep thirst to make it in music, he built his own studio and even learned how to make his own beats. Slim Kee is an artist to watch and he has so much talent to bring to the table.

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