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Moe Faygoo’s “IF” Might Be The Hottest Track From Ohio This Week

Meet Moe Faygoo, the Ohio-rapper flying high up into the radar of rap fans across the country with his in-pocket siren-ringing flows and crazy punchlines. In his newest effort, his visual-single “If” he has found yet another way to ignite the inner turn-up in us all.

“If” was recently featured on SaycheeseTV and is a perfect entry point for listeners unfamiliar with the rapper who has been applying pressure all quarantine with high energy videos like “Watch Yo Mouth” and “Felt Like Smoke.” Moe wastes no picking apart the beat with his rapid-fire bars as he opens the song with his potent bars, “She don’t like birds/She don’t get Twitter/She like, ‘Do you got a bitch cuz I don’t got a nigga.

Moe has been a a run in the last year and share a number of noteworthy releases. His 2019 Captain Faygoo mixtape is certainly worth re-visiting, with features from Snapdogg, Sada Baby and Kalan Frfr.

Catch the full video for “If,” along with the full Captain Faygoo below.

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