Emone Quadeem and Bigg Baby join forces for “Ghetto Superstars” project

Emone Quadeem and Bigg Baby release their new joint project, Ghetto Superstars. The new project is an ode to the rags to riches story of the two westside Chicago natives. Ghetto Superstars is available everywhere now.

Hailing from L-town on the westside of Chicago, Emone is no stranger to the struggle and the streets. Now a respected artist and businessman, Emone is in the process of opening his own dispensary – reclaiming a profession that has put so many of his loved ones behind bars.

Business partner and friend, Bigg Baby, joins Emone on the west side anthems. A respected businessman and industry executive in his own right, Bigg Baby swaps out the conference room for the recording booth. With a joint project on the way, EQ and Bigg Baby’s tone delivery and style compliment each other perfectly. You hear clever wordplay, slick bars, and comradery dripping from their new music.

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