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Nbs Grizz Takes ‘Masking Up’ To New Levels In “Notorious” Video

Los Angeles rapper Nbs Grizz is masking up in with the gang in his new “Notorious” video.

The ivsir-production on “Notorious” provides the eery backdrop for Grizz and his La Famila crew to emerge from the shadows. Grizz takes advantage of the fact the track is just under two minutes by attacking from the initial drop as he raps, “Took the bed outta my crib cause I ain’t got time to sleep/Got to get it while its good cause my whole family gotta eat.”

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“Notorious” follows Fat Guapo’s recent viral visual “All My Dawgs” featuring Joos. Grizz has been involved in the ever-expanding Latino rap community in L.A. for years. His 2017 song “Used To Wanna” propelled his movement and now he’s working with some of the biggest rappers on the wave right now including SVG Preme and YHG Pnut.

Catch the full video for “Notorious” below.

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