RYDYR Drops Debut EP These Things Always Change with New Music Video for “The Way You Move”

Singer-songwriter RYDYR has released his debut EP, These Things Always Change via his own Shadowwood Records, along with the stunning and picturesque official music video for slick and sultry third single “The Way You Move.” Produced by Zakk Cervini (Good Charlotte, Poppy), the collection offers listeners an intimate look into RYDYR’s musical and personal journey. The six songs on These Things Always Change feature bold and bright pop, offset with alternative adventurousness and timeless rock star ambition, rooted in live instrumentation and unfiltered lyrics. With its off-kilter bounce, “The Way You Move,” which follows the previously released singles “See You Around” and “Dream Alone,” is a track is about being enamored by just the simplistic movement of a lover, illuminating RYDYR’s ability to step outside genre lines.

These Things Always Change opens with lead single “Dream Alone,” a track about an
internal dialogue between RYDYR and the latest version of himself, showcasing fluttering
harmonies and vocals that stretch from vulnerable verses into a hummable hook, “I dream
alone.” Also on the EP is his powerful single/video “See You Around,” which encourages listeners to embrace their true self and remove the facade we put on for the approval of others. The track pairs a sunny bounce with impressive vocal dynamics as its sweeping chant delivers its important message.

Otherwise known to fans as Cole Pendery of pop sensation IM5, RYDYR is Cole’s alias and
creative outlet and took shape reflecting a vision hinted at by the chosen moniker – a respelling of his mother’s maiden name “Ryder.” He ultimately settled on the
palindrome “RYDYR,” representing how he is the same inside and out. Striving to give
listeners his truth through art and meaningful music, RYDYR symbolizes being transparent to the process and embodies truth while also providing him a vehicle to step out of himself.

Hailing from a tiny town thirty minutes south of Dallas, TX, RYDYR relocated to Los Angeles
and launched a career in entertainment. As an homage to the backwoods trail Shadowwood
Road that his late creative and eclectic grandfather built, using his own label Shadowwood
Records, Cole ultimately plans to carve a similar path, and build a platform for himself and
other artists to flourish. With the release of his independent debut EP, RYDYR is ready for the next stage of his evolution.

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