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Rising pop artist Evangelia releases fiery new single “Fotiá”

Rising pop artist Evangelia is heating things up in the music world with her new single “Fotiá” and its accompanying music video. Evangelia pays tribute to her Greek roots in the song in an innovative way, by mixing American pop influences along with traditional Greek sounds and language, in order to create a sound unique to her. The song brings a message of taking that leap of faith in life in order to reach the dreams and goals you want. Whether it’s someone you want or a career you want, Evangelia tells us to just go for it! The title of the single is the Greek word for fire, a word that perfectly describes the song and the stunning visuals in her new music video. The music video builds on the message and also pays tribute to her Greek culture. The beautiful dances, dresses and sceneries take you to a beautiful coast, and with the melodies in the background, you feel as if you are in Greece yourself. 

Check it out here:

“Fotiá” is the second single Evangelia has released, following the release of her track “Páme Páme” earlier this year. According to Evangelia, the new single is about “letting go and following your passion – whether it’s romantic love or doing what you love.” She goes on to say, “For me, it’s both.” Having always been passionate about music, the Greek and New Jersey native hustled around the clock, working as a full-time teacher during the day, and recording in studios in New York City at night. However, when she was laid off, Evangelia decided to take her leap of faith and go for a music career full time. Her hard work and unique sound has made her stand out and eventually got her a record deal. “We wrote the song the day after signing my record deal. I was finally living out my dream, unapologetically,” says the emerging pop star. With only two songs out, Evangelia is not planning on letting her flame die out; she will be coming in strong with more music that everyone will want to be on the lookout for!

Download/stream “Fotiá” at

For more info on Evangelia, visit and follow her on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter


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