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‘BOLD’ is the grand entrance for multiverse artist Charmaine

As with any good superhero, there’s a scene-worthy origin story, and for Toronto-based artist Charmaine, her origin story is equally pivotal to her identity as a multiverse creative.

Zimbabwe born, a young Charmaine and her family immigrated to North America in search of a better life that led to multiple stops in the US before finally settling in Toronto, Canada where she now calls home. However, it wasn’t such a straight-forward story. When her father was laid off from his job, the family of six lost their house and had to live in dirty motel rooms. In these tiny, cramped spaces, Charmaine escaped into her little notebook where she wrote songs.

From then on, Charmaine dedicated herself to her craft and it’s that fierce lyricism that we hear throughout her debut single ‘BOLD’. Over fresh beatwork of booming bass and trap, Charmaine’s presence is inimitable as she cooly raps about success, wealth, and the confidence to be anything that you want to be.

Twitter: @___IAmCharmaine

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