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LEGO Figures Depict Realities of Quarantine Life In New Music Video For “Tiny Little Human” by The Scumfrog

Grammy-nominated DJ/musician The Scumfrog has released a new track “Tiny Little Human” along with a fascinating music video depicting the state of the world during the COVID-19 pandemic. The song was heavily inspired by the emotions The Scumfrog was going through during his period of social isolation. The beat’s melody is carried by a simple and fun guitar loop and synths, but the bass and drums provide a bouncy feel and creates a funky vibe that makes anyone want to bop their heads to it. The music video, created by Emmy-winning film and video editor Bob Jenkis (Michael Jackson, Madonna), features LEGO® figures experiencing the changes and restrictions we all face today. The release of the song also comes with 5 additional remixes from artists like The Oddness, Pezzner, and Voodoo Porn Space Disco.

Check out the “Tiny Little Human” video here:

The Scumfrog (aka Jesse Houk) shares that, “‘Tiny Little Human’ is about the value of human touch during this pandemic.” He talks about the irony of the human race, despite us being “made of stars” and basically winning the world, we are currently being prevented from doing the most valuable thing we can: touching one another. Even though the message can come off as a critique, The Scumfrog provides a nice funky beat to accompany the lyrics, and instead brings a positive tone that we all want to hear during this time. The Scumfrog also shares that the song “refers to how powerless we can feel without physical interaction, despite all of our technologies and distractions.” Even though we have plenty of ways to keep ourselves entertained, The Scumfrog believes it doesn’t matter if we can’t do it with the people we love.

The music video for “Tiny Little Human” shows the limitations put upon us during these times, through the eyes of LEGO® figurines. The photos of the figures were submissions from people all over the world and truly show how quarantine has been felt all over. The figures show common quarantine activities such as social distancing and personal isolation. Bob Jenkis, an acclaimed editor whose music video resume includes Chris Isaak “Wicked Game,” Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation,” En Vogue “Free Your Mind” and Will Smith “Men In Black,” praises the efforts in the music video saying, “This video is truly a community effort that creates a sense of belonging at a time when separation and loneliness are all too prevalent in our world.” 

Check out all versions of “Tiny Little Human” at

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