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#NextUp | Get To Know Southern Hype, 38 Goblin

Christopher Flores, recognized under stage name 38 Goblin, from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, is an American-based rapper using his image to diversify the music industry at large. Known for his mind blowing eye-contacts and colored hair. Some say he is the oddest rapper in the area. He differs from others, mainly by his style and outrageous music videos. As a kid, 38 Goblin always wanted to be a rapper. Influenced by his older brother and older cousins, he found a passion for music. Also, finding inspiration for artists such as SPM known as South Park Mexican. Boosie, Lincoln Park, Evanescence and Eminem. He still appreciates their hard work to this day.

38 Goblin did not have life so easy growing up. His mother and father separated for some time when he was younger. Therefore, causing tension between them all and leading him to hide his emotions from them. He felt alone and tells us music was his best escape from his everyday life. Music is so important because people listen and understand him. In 2011, Goblin was in the home of a family member when SWAT raided the home. He was a teenager when the event took place and ever since he has had a different outlook on law enforcement because of the heinous things done to him. Later stating, “it seemed like they all wanted to lock me up. They made fake reports. I got harassed every other day, there was no way around it.” 

Being a musician, there’s always people in disagreement with what’s said and whatnot. All of his close friends are deceased or locked up serving life. The few he thought of as friends remaining free are disloyal and causing harm in any way possible. Leading to him putting out his song titled “Hating.” You can hear the anger, the frustration and the pain on his track. In addition, the music video is out on YouTube, which he directed along with many others. 38 Goblin has multiple other singles out. He’s working on a mix tape called “Don’t Cry” with one song from the tape being out titled after the mix tape. He is setting the music video to release and a new single titled “Let It Go” coming out October 31, 2020.

38 Goblin wants to make a difference in the industry. He wants to prove anyone can achieve their dreams. No matter how hard your situation is. “Stay positive, Chase your dream or it will always be a dream,” he says. In 5 years, 38 goblin sees himself making hits being played throughout world. Although the money will be nice, he wants to prove to himself; he made it, and he trusted himself throughout his journey. 

In conclusion he states, “The key isn’t to live forever, but create something that does. My Music shall live forever..” He would like you all to know “To whoever is reading this, I pray and believe you will succeed in life; never let evil destroy you or bring you down. I never, ever thought I would make it this far. Continue to be positive, stay strong and may God bless you in this life and the after.”

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