Outlaw the Artist – “Villains Never Die” Debut Album

Rapper, lyricist, and songwriter Outlaw The Artist drops his highly-anticipated new project, Villains Never Die. Mirroring his previous work “Anti-Villain,” VND comes in eight-tracks (+1 interlude) strong, featuring “DRiP’ and “Most Days” which were both premiered in September. This next piece of the Villains trilogy welcomes the opportunity for listeners to understand his creative motives whilst also offering context on his multitude of experiences. Click to listen now:

Villains Never Die stems from the feeling of being “othered.” Whether it’s being the “British Guy” in the United States, the “American” in London, the “City Boy” when in the Caribbean, or simply being Black — he’s remained non-conforming, stating, “no one should be made to feel bad for being different, differences should be celebrated.” Instead of taking this negatively, he chooses to bask in the energy of being villainized. Transmuting this power to rouse his unique interpretation of rap — with great care, He fuses grime, hip hop, dancehall into the cracks and seams of his music. Like Kintsugi: The Centuries-Old Art of Repairing Broken Pottery with Gold, this raw yet refined energy continues to captivate his ever-growing audience. He proclaims that “we’re barely scratching the surface,” truly a villain with infinite plans and tricks up his sleeves. 

A layered narrative drives this project, starting with a James Bond-like introduction that begins a villain’s origin story. The tone purposely fluctuates throughout, and its cinematic structure finds the listener learning about the many dimensions of Outlaw and his internal journey. “At some point, everyone is a villain in someone’s story,” he says,  “I think one of our life’s tasks is to acknowledge and face our darkness — or inner demons, or whatever you want to refer to that as — and once we do, I think what comes next is learning how to manage and use that energy to elevate ourselves and others.

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Rating: 1 out of 5.

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