Tommi Crane spreads a message of perseverance on “Saigo”

“Saigo” by Tommi Crane is about continuing to work and persevere through the struggles of a project, until you either succeed or forget what you were fighting for to begin with. The verses in the song focus on the fears of the ultimate outcome of a project (like an album) and what it may be. “Saigo” in Japanese translates to “The Last”.

The track, along with the rest of “from a lockless cage”, is produced by Tommi Crane himself. “saigo” features Spanish flamenco guitars, haunting piano progressions, and hard hitting drums. The song was intended to sound older than it is, as if it were played on a vinyl and then remastered. The atmosphere is more subtle, and less saturated than most hip-hop songs, a style that Tommi Crane strived to maintain throughout his album.

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