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Watch the captivating new video for seeyousoon’s ‘Every Time I Die’

Recently we raved about seeyousoon’s dope cypher video, which showed off the individual talents of each of the collective’s nine members. With barely a moment to catch our breath, seeyousoon has dropped another visual treat for their track ‘Every Time I Die’.

Lifted from their impressive debut album VIDÉ, this track is one that could have slipped under the radar in favour of singles like ‘BEN AFFLECK’ and ‘SHUT UP’, but this video brings ‘Every Time I Die’ back into the light.

“Every Time I Die was a track that we started and finished in one shot. Kenny and Iggy laid down the production as the verses and chorus was being written. A true burst of energy and test of our chemistry during the writing process of the album. Although we weren’t necessarily aiming for it, the song ended up capturing Florida hip-hop’s essence in a really unique way. It’s a track that really shows its teeth, we can’t wait to play it live.”

Check out the intense music video right here.

Twitter: @videtemox

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