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International popstar Ananya releases new single “Everybody’s Lost”

International, multi-platinum pop artist Ananya has released her latest single “Everybody’s Lost” along with a stunning new music video. Ananya’s new single follows the success of her first U.S. single “Let There Be Love,” an electro-pop feel good anthem. “Everybody’s Lost” is an introspective track about the issues of self-doubt Ananya faced early in her career, and how feeling lost is ironically what unites us as humans. The track is filled with smooth sounds, such as mellow pianos and synths, mixed perfectly with her vocals to create a calm vibe that allows one to sink into the music and absorb every sound. The music video, directed by Martin Landgreve, follows Ananya around a stone hallway and room, in gorgeous outfits that we simply cannot get enough of!

Check out the video for “Everybody’s Lost”:

“The song is inspired by my own experiences of feeling lost at times and I think everyone can relate to that feeling in some way,” says Ananya. “I wrote it when I had moved to LA from India and was feeling really lost in a new big city. I just want people to know that it’s okay to be lost in life sometimes.” Ananya understands that hardships will always be a part of our lives, but she also knows that we cannot let them take control of our lives. Through the song, she inspires listeners to ride it out in life and live like no one’s watching.

Originally from Mumbai, Ananya left to pursue her dreams and is currently based between Los Angeles and London. A recent signee at Maverick Management, Ananya has been killing it, opening up for Coldplay and Wiz Khalifa, and scaling the charts on a global scale from the US all the way to SE Asia. She has also been recognized by GQ as one of their Most Influential Young Indians and Forbes as a Forbes Woman to Watch. Aside from her musical talents, Ananya (full name Anaya Birla) has used her platform to advocate for female empowerment and improving mental health. She has founded the Ananya Birla Foundation and has also taken part in helping female entrepreneurs in rural India make their ideas into reality and help them reach financial independence. We can expect a lot more from Ananya in her music and her philanthropic work.

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