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TJ Mack – I’m Ready featuring Cody Brianna

New Fire Alert! Rising artist, producer, label Executive TJ Mack just dropped off some sauce on us. Hailing all the way from the Northside of Pontiac, MI. He wrote a lot of raps growing up from elementary to high school. Stopping writing raps around 2011, Now he just create everything in his head and remember it. TJ Mack has created several mixtapes over the past few years but never finished or release them. After learning more & more about the industry/business and trying to save money, he forced his self to start producing and to create his own label “Loud Dreamz Productionz”. After figuring out more about copyrights & owning your publishing he scrapped a lot of music and redid tracks just so he can Properly release them to make some type of compensation. He got his publishing in 2011, & he started producing in 2012. It’s 2020 & just now he’s getting around to release. A lot has happened in between now & then. A lot of personally and business issues gotten in path but he’s still here pushing hard as ever. He’s definitely getting better with creating & putting together tunes.

TJ Mack has a mixtape/EP dropping in December called “Draft work” Because it’s the light work of his catalog plus an album dropping in the spring “The Other side of the Mirror” Featuring single “I’m ready.” He produced the whole “Draft Work” Project his self with the majority of my album “The Other side of the Mirror” produced by. “JCaspersen”. You can tell he put his heart into both projects but one is on a whole different level than the other. This is just his first single. This is nothing compared to what I’m sitting on. That sauce tough! Tune In!

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