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Young Global Lives Up To Stage Name On “Worldwide” Single

Nomadic roadrunner-turned-rapper Young Global has returned with yet another trap anthem by way of his new single “Worldwide.”

Firing on all cylinders, Global annihilates the drilling, Detroit-style production from start to finish. Exuding much of the same frequency of his street-runner anthem “Workout” featuring Lo Tickets, “Worldwide” is a record for the hustlers. It’s clear that both the flex and the grind is real for Global as he raps, ” I change states more than niggas change clothes/ Real trapper, food saver how I get my bankroll.”

The Hawaiian-bred rapper has been on somewhat of a visual campaign as of late. To add to his recent efforts on “Workout” and “Worldwide” he also dropped off his video for the loose track “Players Only” with Cypress Moreno.

Stream “Worldwide” in-full below.

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