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Manchester rapper KGOSI channels vulnerability and strength into ‘Momma I Killed A Man’

For artists and listeners alike, music can be a way to vent negative emotion; to lay it all out there before those feeling consume us. That’s what KGOSI, the South African-born, Manchester-based rapper, has channelled into his impressive new work ‘Momma I Killed A Man’.

As KGOSI shares with us: “Being a creative that is truly passionate about their craft, it can be crazy depressing when you put time and energy into pieces but it is not received as well as you thought. My state of mind changed when I reflected on my career, I realised I hadn’t done enough to say I gave it my all. In the track I talk about killing the man in the mirror (my old self with bad habits) in order to see my vision clearer. If you don’t like your reflection, change it with hard work.”

Influenced by the sonic visions of artists like Kid Cudi and Travis Scott, KGOSI has picked up a instrumental that acts like a painted canvas for his words; altogether it makes a vivid artwork.

Instagram: dosekgosi

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