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Cultural revolutionary Just John releases This Is Fate EP

The Warner Music signee, Just John is best known for his past work alongside partner and producer, Dom Dias, such as their debut single ‘Soundboi’, the trap-infused ‘Minutia’ and the bouncy disjointed beats of ‘Pull Up’.

Now, Just John has offered out his solo project – This Is Fate EP. It’s an unforgettable short-and-salty collective of tracks, ‘A Thousand Corpses’, ‘Black Ghost’ and ‘Open Wound’. Each is a volatile, vulnerable and passionate expressive of John’s creative vision.

As he shares, “This is for the dreamers, the misfits, the ones who never give up even when they’re down, unheard or misunderstood.”

It’s a hedonistic mix of hip-hop and punk that stops you in your tracks; lyrically and sonically there’s so much to absorb, making this one of the most creatively rich EPs we’ve heard all year.

With the EP, there’s also a short visual film which rolls all these tracks into one continuous stream of consciousness. There’s hearty hints towards the realm of horror movies, evoking reminders of films like Suspiria, Spiral and Us. Directed by Shivam Pandya, watch the short film below.

Twitter: @JustJohnForReal

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