Lawrence Rivers brings his new mixtape “Every Bit of You”

Lawrence Rivers is one of the greatest underground/upcoming artist emerging from Savannah, GA. He humbly explains how his upbringing fueled his career within the music industry; luckily for him it only took a matter of time. His second studio album “Only A Matter of Time” is a 9 track masterpiece engulfed with acapellas, vivacious tempos, and euphoric melodies. Not only does he dispay his versatility, but proves his capability to rap on any beat. Rivers’ lyrical cadence on tracks like “Good & Evil”, “No Mans Land Freestyle” and “Nick Bosa” drive momentum throughout his music — which can be surprisingly dense and told through album-length narratives. However, the Georgia rapper is no where near finished. His newly released mixtape “Every Bit of You” is resonating a new energy — this time for the ladies. “I thought about giving women something to listen to and enjoy. Something to just make them feel appreciated. I’m very versatile, I’m not stuck on one style of rap. I like to explore different things when it comes to creating music, it also allows me to get emotions off my chest from past relationships. ” says Rivers. “Around” & “Need your trust” are just a few of the songs putting Rivers’ music on the radar. He is talented and will gracefully continue to merge into the rap game. Don’t sleep on this one.

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