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First Day Feature: G.McGee discusses the making of his “Proper Demonstration” LP and more

Time can change a lot of things. If you need evidence of this look no further than 2020. In January we were all happy and excited to get things rolling and by March outside was, quite literally, shut down. Over the course of years people change as well. For a musician these changes can be reflected in their music that is released as the topic for any great artist revolves around what they are dealing with currently.

Such is the case with Mississippi MC G. McGee. The rising talent has been covered here before in 2016 shortly after the release of his “Kollege Prep” project. Today we find him a few months removed from his latest release “Proper Demonstration”. Herein the music reflects a man who has grown in many ways since we last spoke.

Intrigued by many of the sounds, we reached out to the artist to discuss what’s been new over the course of the past 4 years, how his latest project came together and more:

Thanks for chatting with us again man. How have things been for you in the midst of this
pandemic, a new year starting and everything else?

Thanks for the opportunity bro. Things have pretty much been the same for me. I was working to push myself to be a better artist before the pandemic, and that’s still been the move. I was mostly to myself, working on new material and trying to grow as an individual. The pandemic kind of forced everyone to be at home and look for something to do. I was already staying at home with goals, so it made it easier to focus. New year, same goals.

Has all that’s going on in the world made it harder or easier to craft your art?

Neither, because like I said this is what I was doing beforehand. One of my homies (JDollaOnDaTrack) once told me for him to keep his brain sharp with the craft, he writes something everyday, whether it’s a line, a verse, or even a song. I took that and expanded it a bit. I know since about 2017-18, I write, or do something involving the craft every day, whether it is just listening to beats to get a feel, watching interviews or
reading hip hop material. Of course, the writing aspect is involved in many days and
hours too.

It was 2016 the last time we did an interview. Since then what has been new for you?

It’s been the same. I’ve been working in the school trying to show the kids that it’s more to life than what they’re seeing in the Mississippi Delta. I’m also trying to find ways to broaden my listeners and connect with some individuals who can take my music career to the next level.

I also understand you’ve had some bouts as far as health. You recently had a kidney and
pancreas transplant. How have you been healing up after such a process?

In 2018, I found out that I was in stage 4 of kidney failure. That was my first time hearing that I was even having kidney problems. I tried to do what was necessary to not go on dialysis, and for the most part, things were going good. Unfortunately, things went from good to not so good, but I dealt with it. God really came in and showed out for me. Normally, people are on dialysis for years before they get their transplant match call, but I was only on the list for 2 months. I had my surgery on October 23, 2020, and I’ve been feeling great ever since. My wounds have healed up nicely, I don’t have to take insulin shots anymore, and my energy levels have gone up. I can’t thank God enough.

So with all these things occuring for you this brings us to your latest release “Proper
Demonstration”. Tell us about the inspiration of the work.

Since I’ve decided to create music, my goal has always been to display that I’m creative, and I’m more than just the “smart kid” that most people know me as. Previously, I’ve done projects such as “Outside The Books” and “Kollege Prep”, all while being a student. With me being a school teacher, “Proper Demonstration” was just a play off the day job. Yes, I do teach, but that’s not all I’m good at.

As a listener the tracks brood out a lot of energy that can be felt deeply. Like your words stick to the ribs. Was it hard at times crafting something that is so relatable?

Not at all, simply because this is me. I don’t display content that people can’t hear, then look at me and say “Yeah, this is him for real”, and it’s been like that for me forever. I’ve never wanted to rap solely because I was trying to get rich. This is my life, and I’m just telling my story through music. I appreciate all that can listen and relate it to a feeling they’ve had or their life in general.

How do you feel the music here differs from that you have done in the past?

With every new project, I aim to see progression from the last. I never want to be in the same spot, so I try to open up more with content and lyrical ability. I don’t want my recent project to sound like something I’ve done years ago, and so far, I’ve been able to accomplish that. Also, with this project, I only had a say so in 1-2 of the beats that were selected. I locked in with TOB Tha Producer as well as my homie JP. They picked beats they thought would be good, and I just focused on bringing the best content I could. That was new for me, but it worked out well.

What is the most interesting story you can tell us about the creation of the project?

(laughs) Ok, so it all started with a conversation I was having with JP. He asked me how long did it normally take me to write a song, and I told him about a week. He looked at me like I was crazy, and said that I needed to cut that down to about a day, and he was going to push me to do that. Keep in mind the type of content I write. It’s not just me throwing up anything, and I really take time with my words. With the pandemic going on, I didn’t have anything but time since school was out (this was like March). We go to the studio, and he tells TOB the same thing…. “Ahhh man, we gotta put the fire under him. We can’t be waiting weeks at a time for 1-2 songs.” I’m thinking TOB would be on my side because he knows the music, but he agrees with KP. They started talking like I couldn’t do it, and it made me push myself to prove them wrong. There were days I would come with 2 songs ready. There were also dates days where I only had a verse laughs, but we got about 25 songs done between March and June. Then one day, they both say, “We knew you could do it all along man”. We were rolling bro.

Switching gears, what is your favorite part of being an artist? Recording, writing, performing or something else?

I want to say that it’s the initial reaction from a listener. It could be from TOB and KP in the studio while recording, my older cousins I looked up to that rapped, my students, people that have known me all my life, ANYBODY. People seeing me as an artist and not just as “Greg” or “Mr. McGee” leads me to feel that I’m doing something right. I love to hear somebody say “I didn’t know you rap man”. It gives me a chance to tell them about the old projects, and they are eager to see what else I’ve said before. It’s a great feeling for sure.

If you could do a feature for any artist dead or alive who would it be and why?

I would have to say Cyhi The Prynce. I think him and I would make a classic song. I’ve heard a few comparisons to him with this last project. His lyrical ability is so dope to me, and has been since I’ve heard of him. Of course I would like to do a feature with KRIT one day too, simply because of the inspirations he’s had on me and the state.

Who have you been listening to outside of yourself lately?

I’ve tried not to listen to anybody outside myself while I’m creating because I don’t want to have music sounding like somebody. We tend to do that without even trying. There’s a lot of music that I’ve downloaded that I haven’t really had a chance to listen to, but I wanted to check them out. I just listened to this NAV album over the weekend, and I am impressed from start to finish. I think I’m going to fully check out Lil Durk’s album and go back to TI, 2Chainz, and other albums I haven’t checked out yet.

What should fans be on the lookout for from you in the near future?

I plan on shooting some videos for “Proper Demonstration”. I have some ideas for a few songs already. I’m going to sit down with my team, and whenever my guy J.Royce Productions gets a chance to shoot, it’s on. Also this year, I plan on dropping another project entitled “Bloody But Unbowed”. The title derived from the poem “Invictus” by William Ernest Henley. There’s a line in the poem where he says “My head is bloody but unbowed”. That part always stuck with me. A lot has happened to me and around me since a child, but I never gave up. There were times I wanted to, but what would that have done? No need to complain, because nothing would change anyway. Yeah, times are tough, but making it through the tough moments help us enjoy when things are all good.

Where do you see yourself 5 years from now?

I see myself with more strength physically, mentally, and spiritually. I also see myself in a better position with my music career, so I can show the world that we have true talent in Mississippi. I want to also be in a position to show my town (Itta Bena, MS), as well as my county (Leflore) that you can dream, put your best foot forward, and achieve those dreams no matter what they are.

Any last words you want to share before we conclude?

Again, I want to thank you for allowing me on your platform. Make sure you all check out Proper Demonstration, which is out on all streaming platforms. Follow me on Twitter and IG @gdotlastname I’m willing to work with anybody. Shoot me a DM and let’s get to it. “Dream big… even when the dream’s BIG”.

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