MP recruits Dallas’ Jacoby Taylor for “Again & Again”

MP grabs the assist from Dallas native Jacoby Taylor on his self produced single “Again & Again”. The track comes as the second official single to his upcoming EP White Sands which is set to drop early 2021. Both artists give the beat their all, going into details about their personal life as they got lost within the laid back instrumental.
When asked about the background to “Again & Again” MP says “This release is special because I wrote this while dealing with problems within myself & around me. It reminds me that life is constantly changing & those problems will leave & come back, Again & Again. Keep your head up & keep striving.”

Everybody faces adversity through life but it’s up to you to figure out how you will face it. For MP, he does just that by letting everything go through music, which then creates a vibe you can go back and listen to again and again. Stream the New Mexico natives single below and be on the look out for more releases from both MP and Jacoby Taylor.

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