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The Nostalgia of Neo-Soul Has Returned! Introducing Zero – B1

If you’re like the many of us around the world that grew up during the age of ’90s R&B/Soul sounds dominating the air waves with passionate, deep hearted love songs, it has probably been a rough transition to the average modern R&B-more Hip Hop sounds of today.

The yearning for something more pure and less “straight to the get down” so to speak has your playlist still filled with the classics of yesterday like Sade, SWV and Jill Scott to name a few. Well right when you thought you would never get that feeling back again comes a man on a mission to revive that sound in its purest form. He goes by the name of Zero B-1 and this upcoming UK artist is the real deal.

The breakthrough single, “Oceans”, featuring Syauqi Destanika, is masterfully written, arranged and produced by Zero-B1 and the precision is nothing less than perfection. The eclectic, soulful and pure R&B vibes leave you in a trance with nothing else to do but sit back, listen and enjoy the waves.

From the intro to the first words out of Syauqi’s mouth will bring back that feeling we have all been missing. LOVE. Right now, too many words are being wasted when you could be experiencing this beautiful song for yourselves. The good thing is, this is only the beginning for Zero-B1.  

Connect: https://linktr.ee/Zero_B1Group

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