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Ci Majr presents ‘Summer Drug’ the unmissable new single from the upcoming Atlanta-based musician

Ciara Adkins, better known by her stage name Ci Majr , is the upcoming non-binary artist who has been gradually climbing the ranks of the Atlanta pop music scene since her incredible debut back in 2016 with #CuffinSZN (demo).

A long time lover of pop music and a woman with a rich and varied taste, Ci Majr sites artist ranging from Greek composer Yanni to Ms Lauryn Hill and Christine and the Queens as musical influences, many of whom were introduced to her through her father, who she credits as always being a great supporter of her passion. Fast forward to present day and Ci Majr is now on the release of her eighth unmissable studio single ‘Summer Drug’  and what a fantastic offering it is. 
Dressed in shimmering pop beats and an up-tempo, dance chorus, ‘Summer Drug’ sees Ci Majr disguise blunt, biting lyrics in playful and euphoric production, resulting in the ultimate metaphor for the thrilling highs and bitter lows of a post-breakup, summertime fling. Energetic, emotional and enticing ‘Summer Drug’ is an indie-pop anthem written with sincerity and produced with an undeniable flair. A slight diversion from the mellow R&B sounds of her previous few releases, ‘Summer Drug’ indicates evolution as an artist and a potential new sonic direction for Ci Majr in the lead up to her debut EP, Side Effects.

Twitter: @cimajrmusic

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