Bucky Raw drops off his latest single “Go Down”

For the past few years music from Africa like Afrobeats and Afropop has travelled from Africa to the states. This time it’s no different. Liberian artist Bucky Raw was sent from Liberia after the war that tore his country apart. He landed in Philly. This is where he got his start as a rapper. Bucky started rapping and became a household name in the scene. Due to unforeseen circumstances, he’s now back in Liberia shutting things down his own way. In 2019, he was part of Casanova’s “I’m So Brooklyn” freestyle challenge, releasing his entitled ‘I’m So Africa” receiving thousands of views. After releasing his last track “Medicine” last year, the rising star drops another hit entitled “Go Down”. Produced by super producer Spellz, “Go Down” is an uptempo dance track that showcases Bucky as an all around talented artist and gives his fans a glimpse of what to expect on his upcoming album set to drop later this year.

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